Welcome to CSUB’s GLBTQ Library!

CSUB’s Walter W. Stiern Library  is committed to providing current and relevant sources for students interested in gay,  lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered issues.

We invite you to post suggestions (i.e., websites, books, films) for this website or for the  Library’s  permanent collections.

If you need assistance in researching GLBTQ topics, please contact Christy Gavin (cgavin@csub.edu).

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. May I suggest the books “The Celluloid Closet, Revised Edition-Homosexuality in the Movies” by Vito Russo, “After Sex?: On Writing Since Queer Theory (Series Q)”, “The Reification of Desire: Toward a Queer Marxism”, “Queer Cowboys: And Other Erotic Male Friendships in the Nineteenth Century”, “Queer Lyric: Difficulty and Closure in American Poetry”, and the movies Cachorro (Bear Cub), Liquid Sky, The Treasure In Mens Eyes, Priest, Jeffery, The Boys In The Band, Parting Glances, My Beautiful Launderette.

    That’s all i got other than the obvious….


    • Thanks so much for your suggestions. We will try to order them, but we are restricted by CSU mandate to purchase films that include closed captions.

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